Concept Design & Visuals

How it works.

In this stage Bathroom By Design will discuss your ideas in detail and take note of your likes and dislikes. BBD will help you design and create the bathroom of your dreams.
We are designers with a passion for bathrooms and we embrace the challenge of creating a unique bathroom tailored to individual needs.We achieve this by listening to your ideas and taking note of your pretences.

Identifying the clients conceptual design idea is the next step and to turn these ideas into photo realistic coloured visuals. These visuals give the client a clear final image of the finished interior of the bathroom before the building work starts.

  • Bathroom By Design will present the client with a selection on interior views of the room including an aerial view.

  • This professional presentation takes away and eliminates any misunderstanding of the design intent between the client and their builder or their subcontractor work commences on site.

The design visualization stage is offered separately or in conjunction with the planning stage, depending on clients requirements.

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